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A man isn’t sure if he and his girlfriend have the same values regarding relationships.

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His girlfriend told him she expects expensive gifts as part of a courtship. He told her that he considers “effort and time” more important than material possessions. He asked Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum to weigh in.

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“Me (24M) and a girl (24F) I am dating had this argument yesterday,” he wrote. “She said, she considers herself of high value (looks, smarts, personality). And in a capitalist world, the way to value a girl like ‘her’ is to invite her to expensive restaurants and get her luxurious things.”

The girlfriend seemed preoccupied with the price tag of the things a potential mate could provide and less invested in the relationship.

“Like inviting your date to a dinner at McDonald’s would be undervaluing her and would be a straight no for her,” the boyfriend explained. “I disagreed, saying effort and time is how you value someone. Expensive restaurants would be a plus if the guy can afford it. How should I approach this subject next time and how can I change her mind about it?”

Redditors felt like he should cut his losses and move on.

“You two are not compatible, she already told you what she expects, don’t try to change her just because you want what she offers, just walk away,” someone wrote.

“Her attitude is entitled and wildly immature, she sounds like a teenager not an adult,” another said.

“She’s telling you exactly who she is. Believe her. If you can’t or don’t wanna comply with her requirements, you should probably stop dating,” a reader commented.

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